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3rd Wednesday of the Month 7:30pm - Come
early for dinner
at 6:15pmI-HOP
5203 Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32819

(across from Hooters near Universal Studios - Back
Conference Room)

McDonald's Every Tuesday we have lunch meetings in the McDonald’s at 7344 W Sand Lake Road, 32819 (upstairs)

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It’s two blocks WEST of the intersection of Interstate 4 and Sand Lake Road. Menu


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Magic and Martinis

Magic and Martinis
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RYAN SCHLUTZ magic workshop.

This is card magic for the beginner or working professional.  Ryan is receiving great reviews for his book "Making The Cut" and his multiple magic DVD's.

Hurry seats are filling up fast....LIMITED SEATING

You don't want to miss this....ONLY $10.00 for a full afternoon of great magic. Pay at the door.

RESERVE your seat now.....e-mail Chris Dunn at 


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Bev Rebo

Bev Bergeron, famous for playing his character "Rebo" the Clown on television's Magic Land of Alakazam (Starring Mark Wilson) will present his rare and final performance as Rebo. This will be the finale of a tribute we will be having for Bev during the convention. You will see rare film footage of Bev on the Red Skelton show, Pillsbury's Magic Circus and Alakazam. Bev will conclude the tribute when he don's his costume and applies his makeup one last time.
It's been a long time since Bev has become Rebo so you won't want to miss this opportunity in being part of this historical moment. "Rebo" will then have photo's taken with his fans, so bring your camera.

Magic News

A collection in the Memory of Aldo Colobini to help Rachel with funeral costs and celebration of life.

Send a Paypal donation to:
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Orlando"s best close-up magicians entertain you every Friday night at your table.

Magic History Moments #55
By Phil Schwartz
© All rights reserved

Signor Antonio Blitz

Born Antonio van Zandt in Leeds County, England in 1810, he called himself “Signor Antonio Blitz” and said he was from Moravia (now Czechoslovakia) because a “foreigner” seemed to have a better caché for performers. He did magic, ventriloquism, juggling and bird handling around England, Scotland and Ireland beginning in 1826. Often assisted by his two sons, Blitz was an early performer of the Gun Trick (today we call it the Bullet Catch) and may have originated Plate Spinning. On stage he had a genial manner and became quite popular. In the 1830s, he performed in Jamaica and Cuba before settling in the United States. After his death in 1877, his son Harry performed in America as Haba Haba. His son Antonio performed across Europe as Signor Blitz. Other magicians appropriated the name Blitz as well.

Blitz wrote Fifty Years in the Magic Circle in 1871. It’s a delightful book chronicling his travels and adventures. It’s fairly easy to find today and often quite inexpensive.

There are many stories of Blitz using ventriloquy to amuse. Once he was purchasing a horse and had the horse telling its owner not to charge such a high price. Here is a tale from Conjurer’s Magazine (then published by Houdini) in 1907 where Blitz performs a grand illusion or stunt. The equivalent today would be making an airplane disappear or escaping from a block of ice.

"Although Blitz had played the large cities of the world he generally played in small towns and for these places he reserved this trick, as there it was easy to present. His advertisements stated that he would make any church bell in the town ring as many times as asked for by the audience.

On the evening of the performance a committee would be selected who would choose the church and state how many times the bell should ring. Blitz would wave his wand and at every stroke of his wand the bell of the selected church would ring, until it had pealed forth the number of rings agreed upon by the committee.
Blitz had two confederates, sometimes three. His first one, supplied with matches and a candle, was concealed on the roof of the theatre. The second with a hammer in his possession was stationed near the door of the theatre, and when the committee announced to the audience the name of the selected church, he ran with all haste to the church (and arrangements having previously been made with all the various janitors to loan him a key so he could gain access at any hour) up to the belfry tower, stationed himself in such a place so that he could see the signals of the first confederate, who was stationed on the roof of the theatre.

The confederate concealed on top of the theatre would watch Signor Blitz, who was killing time informing the audience how impossible it was for a prearranged church to have been selected; and when he had received the cue that the men were in their proper places, he started to slowly wave his wand and eventually struck it against an imaginary bell.

This was the cue for the man on top of the theatre to cue the man in the church belfry to strike the bell with his hammer, and was transmitted by the man on the theatre raising a lighted candle above his head and lowering it

At every stroke of the wand the man with the candle would raise and lower it, and the con federate in the church belfry seeing the ascending and descending candle would strike the bell with the hammer every time he perceived the signal, and continued until he had received his cue that all was well.

At the present time this trick is more easily accomplished by making use of the telephone, but in the early days of Blitz when the uses of electricity were not so well known in small towns, this was considered a wonderful feat.”

Magic Shows and Events

Visit Orlando's longest running Comedy Magic show starring Tony Brent

Outta Control

Check out the line-up of magicians that will be performing at Wizardz in the next few months:


Every Friday Magic Dove Allstars perform!
Show starts at 4pm.
Tickets only $2.00

SYM Event

Kostya Kimlat

Note: The Magic and Events section and side bar, are posted here to show our support for the art of magic in the Central Florida area. These events are not sponsored or specifically endorsed by I.B.M Ring 170. Please take the time to see these events or venues, if you are here in town or just enjoy seeing live magic.